Big Driver

The Pitch

This summer, Anything Is Possible Productions, the creative team behind Bug Chaser, will produce an adaptation of Stephen King’s edge-of-your-seat short story thriller Big Driver.

We are thrilled to have the privilege of adapting Mr. King's wild, surreal, and moving story. The catch: we must complete the film by September 2013, so we need to raise our budget by May. Check out the video below to learn more about the story and see concept art for the film:

Do you want to see Big Driver, this challenging and suspenseful story from the Master of Horror, adapted for the screen? Are you our friend or relative? Are you a fan of our work? Or do you just love a good, multi-layered, breath-bating, crush-your-date’s-hand horror film? If you answered “Yes!” to any of those questions, please join us on this adventure. Become a contributor and have a uniquely pivotal role in bringing this incredible tale of one woman’s revenge to life.

Did we mention that there is a talking cat? And a dry, quipping sidekick in the form of a talking GPS? An oven mitt becomes an instrument of death!

Still not convinced? Check out the team that has assembled to produce Big Driver and you can see how our previous work has lead to this endeavor.

Also, we are unable to make any money on this project. Our agreement with Stephen King allows us to adapt his story into a film we can screen at film festivals and use for our reels. Independently, we have each honed our talents and craft on other projects and are now coming together for this unique opportunity to use our collective skills.

The People

Ian is a filmmaker, writer, and customer service lackey living and working in San Francisco. His work has shown at the NYC Horror Film Festival, Frameline Film Festival, and on HBO. In high school, Ian was accepted into the Sundance Institute’s Documentary Workshop, where he made the short documentary Walk-In Closet, which told the coming out stories of men from three different generations, while examining and presenting the differences and similarities of their stories. Walk-In Closet screened at the Frameline Film Festival and at the Museum of Television & Radio in New York. Ian was also cinematographer for the documentaries Out of the Silence and Climbing: A Personal Revelation, which was purchased and aired by HBO. In 2010, Ian joined The HIV Story Project, a filmmaking team and non-profit organization committed to supporting HIV/AIDS agencies while telling the stories of positive men and women from all walks of life using traditional and new media. He co-produced and co-directed the compilation feature film Still Around, which screened at festivals internationally and won Best Documentary at the Out In The Desert Film Festival. Most recently, Ian completed the short horror film Bug Chaser, which has also screened at festivals internationally and won the Best Male Short Film Award at FilmOut San Diego. He recently completed two other short horror films: You Should Stop and Misdirected.
David Ortmann is a psychotherapist, sex therapist and author of the newly published Sexual Outsiders: Understanding BDSM Sexualities and Communities. He has been working in theater and film, in some capacity, for over two decades. David served as Script Supervisor for Anything Is Possible’s Bug Chaser and as Creative Consultant on their last two films.
Bill attended film school at Rochester Institute of Technology, where he focused on animation. Bill directed and animated four short films at RIT, including Drawn In, which was nominated for a Student Academy Award. After college Bill moved to San Francisco and has been working in video games since 2007, for companies like Three Rings, Kabam, and most recently as the Art Direct of mobile startup Orange Door Armory. Bill has also illustrated four children's books, including Gwendolyn and the Underworld, which ran a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012. Some of his other clients include Universal, Dreamworks, Scholastic, and Little Brown Books.
Doug is a discerning audiophile transplanted to San Francisco from the East Coast. He lives by his motto “A good ear is a terrible thing to waste,” especially while filming.
Tara is a San Francisco-based makeup artist, a graduate of Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, and specializes in character and special effects makeup. When not playing with blood, she studies video game design and Japanese.
Derek is a software developer by trade with a passion for film. He moved to San Francisco in 2008 after earning both undergratuate and graduate degrees in Computer Science and Computing Security from Rochester Institute of Technology. He enjoys applying his engineering problem solving skills to the logistics of film production. Derek co-founded Anything Is Possible Productions with Ian Wolfley; this will be their fifth project together including Bug Chaser, You Should Stop, and Misdirected.
Joe is a filmmaker, animator, and writer living and working between Portland, OR and San Francisco. He loves crossword puzzles and riding his bike. Joe also recently launched the web series Double Jaw Surgery, which documents his recovery after the intense facial procedure.
Amir began exploring the world of filmmaking with his father’s video camera at the age of thirteen. He realized his childhood dream when he began working as a cinematographer in 2005. Inspired by Orson Welles' Citizen Kane, Amir experimented with images using camera angles, lighting techniques and shadows. His artistic vision continues to evolve, as he incorporates the aesthetics of the mainstream and merges it with elements of New Wave Cinema. Amir has worked on projects ranging from documentaries to music videos to branding videos. Some of the music videos he filmed were broadcast on LOGO/MTV. Amir collaborated with a wide range of filmmakers and artists in recent years, including award-winning directors and producers. His recent projects have been screened at film festivals and broadcast on television in the United States. Amir was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan and has been residing in the Bay Area since 1998. To view samples of some of his recent work, please visit
Jacob learned to play trumpet one day in fourth grade when he impulsively followed a crush into band class. He went on to teach himself to play piano and later the guitar at the age of 18. Never content to simply replay songs out of books, he began writing and composing from a young age—sometimes playing the songs himself, and other times composing songs on his computer with an early MIDI sequencer. After graduating from UC Berkeley, Jacob took the relevant parts of his Dance & Linguistics majors, got rid of the actual dancing and language, and started composing in earnest. While making albums entirely at home for himself and friends, he was also honing his chops playing live and running an open mic in Berkeley. Before even releasing his  first full-length CD, a video of him performing at his open mic has attracted over 600,000 views on YouTube, he produced an album for a local band, and he was composing for his college dance company. In 2009, he released his instrumental album Flux on a Creative Commons license to encourage people to share and distribute it. Since releasing Flux, he has been playing lead guitar with his band The Hangover Brigade, composed the scores for three additional dance pieces with San Francisco dance company Post:Ballet, four short films, and is always already working on more.
Valerie Weak
Valerie Weak
Valerie's film credits include Lisa in The Snake (SXSW 09), and Gloria in Around the Bay (Cinequest 08). She's turned into a zombie in Staff Infection, lived with a cheating spouse in A Little History, and contemplated kidnapping in Stranger in Blood, and regularly plays concerned moms, frustrated marketing directors and well-informed experts in industrials and commercials. Stage credits include San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, Marin Shakespeare Company, and CenterREP. Valerie also trains police officers and medical students in effective communication techniques via high stakes role playing programs.
Mikael James
Mikael James
“Big Driver”
Mikael was born in Monmouth, IL and raised in Knoxville/Galesburg, IL. He served in the Air Force for 8 and a half years until a back injury forced him to separate. After serving in the Middle East for two deployments including Kuwait and Iraq, Mikael now resides in Northern California with his wife and daughter.
Bettina Devin
Bettina Devin
In addition to her highly visible role as the evil Gertrude Spinner in the popular family feature Doggie B, Bettina is best known for playing Idina Menzel’s clueless Mom in Chris Columbus’ film version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Rent. She can be seen (and heard) in 5 films coming out in 2013, and her Guest Star role as a ditzy witch on an episode of the new Nickelodeon series Deadtime Stories airs in April ‘13. Bettina has been a working actress/singer/entertainer for 40 years. Both her on-camera and voiceover work can be seen and heard on projects for companies including Disney/Pixar, MGM, Paramount, Nickelodeon, major network sit-coms, and feature films. Her jazz CD Dangerous Type is continually played on radio stations across the U.S. Bettina is a busy entertainer for corporate events in the Bay Area as well, and teaches acting, voiceover, and singing nationally via Google Hangouts and Skype. 
Heidi Wolff
Heidi Wolff
Heidi has worked with various Bay Area theater companies, including: Brava, Last Planet Theatre, Thrillpeddlers, California Conservatory Theatre, and Chameleon Theatre. Recent projects include The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later at New Conservatory Theatre and the short films Sal y Limon and You Should Stop.

The Story

Tess, a well-loved mystery writer, is assaulted and left for dead in an abandoned culvert, with the bodies of her attacker’s former victims. She escapes back home, where characters from her novel, her pet cat, and inanimate objects rally to help her solve the mystery of how she was attacked and why. As she loses her grip on reality, she decides to deliver justice in her own way. The film is a thrilling revenge story, like The Brave One or Death Wish, and also examines how the trauma of violence affects our psyche. The film will retain King’s original themes of how violence shatters our sense of self and creates long-lasting wounds that are sometimes impossible to heal. When I first read the story, I stayed awake ‘til early morning, unable to stop, desperate to know what Tess would do and how she would survive. Big Driver was published in King's 2010 book Full Dark, No Stars.

The Film

Big Driver is a short film adaptation of the short story by Stephen King from Anything Is Possible Productions, a San Francisco-based independent production company, founded and run by Derek Shockey and Ian Wolfley. Anything is Possible will produce the film by September 2013, as stipulated in contractual agreements with Stephen King. The script is 30 pages, which translates roughly into a 30-minute film. The story centers around Tess, a beloved writer of moderately successful “cozy mysteries”, who is assaulted and left for dead after a lecture. As she unravels the truth behind her attack, her connection to reality becomes increasingly fragmented. Unwilling to face a scandal, Tess decides to rain down justice in her own way.

After producing three short horror films and a web series, we are ready to tackle this ambitious project, backed with a thrilling suspense story from the Master of Horror himself as the source material. The agreement with Stephen King states that Anything Is Possible can produce a non-commercial film to exhibit at film festivals. We are also unable to sell the film, make money from it, or utilize pre-existing fundraising campaigns such as Kickstarter. Big Driver will be shot in the San Francisco Bay Area using local talent and crew. The film goes into production this summer, and we need your help, support, and enthusiasm to give this great story the justice and execution it deserves. Like us on Facebook to get updates throughout the production and share with your friends.